About L.B. Chen Consulting

We specialize in IBM Clarity budgeting, forecasting, reporting and financial application solutions on Oracle Hyperion and Microsoft Analysis Services platforms.

We work closely with our customers to understand their business challenges and to ensure success throughout the project life cycle. From project planning to post implementation support, customers can count on us to meet their objectives and to help maximize the returns on their investment.

With an average of 14 years experience in IT development and BI solutions with OLAP, our consultants have the ability to integrate a variety of technologies to satisfy the business needs of our clients. We pride ourselves on our customer focused regiment - client success and satisfaction is our number one priority.

e4 Solutions Alliance

L.B. Chen Consulting is a member of the e4 Solutions Alliance, comprised of L.B. Chen Consulting Inc. and 3 other independent consulting organizations (C. Poulsen & Associates, OLAP Solutions and TechSys Solutions Consulting, Inc.). The Alliance is dedicated to helping companies achieve business success using IBM Clarity. This enables clients to enjoy the benefits of a larger support network while still maintaining the attention of an independent consulting firm.

Laurence Chen,
Principal and Founder

Laurence Chen has designed and implemented many complex solutions for a wide variety and number of clients from the financial, manufacturing, pharmaceutical and legal sectors throughout North America and Europe.

Before focusing on Business Intelligence application delivery, he held key developmental roles in high tech services companies including an instrumental role on the original development team of the IBM Clarity product. This has given him a unique perspective to envision the complete solution from the application side and insight into the underlying infrastructure.

Project Methodology

Envisioning: This is the early planning stage where we collectively work with your team to define the high-level requirements and overall goals of the project. This is to ensure a common vision exists among all team members and consensus is reached that the project is both valuable to the organization and likely to succeed. The focus is on creating clear definitions of the problems and understanding the high level approach to solving them. This sets a solid foundation from which specific plans can be developed during the Planning Stage and executed during all subsequent stages to achieve a successful project.

Planning: The solution is defined in detail — what to build, how to build it, who will build it, and when it will be built. During this stage, the initial vision and solution concept defined in the Envisioning Stage is translated into practical implementation phases and development plans for implementing those phases.

Implementing: The solution is developed according the development plans created during the Planning Stage. The individual components are tested and optimized until they are production ready and meets the requirements of the initial vision.

Testing: The test team collectively tests all components to verify that the entire solution works correctly and produces accurate results.

Deploying and Support: We work with your team to successfully deploy the tested solution to the production environment and to ensure that it is stable and ready to be used. We also help to educate end users on the use of the solution and on how it will benefit them in their day to day activities.

Learning and Improving: Once all of the other stages of an implementation phase have been completed, we take the feedback from the implementation team and the end users to learn what improvements can be made and to adjust the initial vision for planning for the next implementation phases.